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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter v6.9.4 Apk App

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter v6.9.4 Apk App
TweetCaster Pro for Twitter v6.9.4 

 TweetCaster is the #1 Android Twitter app with the most innovative features!
 TweetCaster Pro is the banner ad-free version of TweetCaster, the #1 Twitter app for Android and the ONLY app with Search Party – revolutionizing Twitter search for everyone.

 TweetCaster boasts a bright & clean UI, lightning fast speed, and more features than any other Twitter app. No wonder millions of users have downloaded it worldwide!

 Optimized for both phones and tablets, TweetCaster is the perfect app, no matter what device you are using.

 TweetCaster Innovations:

 Search Party – Searching among the millions of tweets on Twitter can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But with Search Party, you can narrow down your search! For example, just search someone’s timeline. Or mentions. Or favorites. It’s how Twitter search was meant to be!
 SmartLists - Organize the chaos of your Twitter stream by grouping people into Lists, simply and easily (phones only)
 Photo Effects – Add filters, effects and captions to photo attachments
 Speak Tweets – Tap microphone on New Tweet screen to speak instead of typing
 Enhanced Widget – Updated look & scrollable/resizeable on Android 3.0+
 Zip It – Zip annoying tweeters or Twitter trends from your timeline without unfollowing
 Smart Filters – Display filtered views of your timeline that allow you to look only at tweets containing photos, links or videos (tablets only)

 Plus the most features:

 Facebook – Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook 
 Multiple Twitter Accounts – Manage multiple Twitter accounts, post to both 
 Schedule Tweets – Compose a tweet and schedule it to send later
 TweetMarker – Service that keeps your place in the timeline
 Read Later – Save long stories to Instapaper or Read It Later service
 Themes – Twelve themes to choose from
 Color Code Tweets – Choose a custom color for your Tweets and mentions
 Multiple widgets – Two different widgets allow you to bring TweetCaster to your home screen
 Advanced Retweeting – Retweet with or without comment
 Customization – Customize your visual theme, font size and notification frequency
 Long Tweets – Use Twitlonger service to tweet over 140 characters
 Replies and Conversation Threads – View all replies and conversations related to a tweet
 Who to Follow – Suggests people to follow

 What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 19, 2012)

 Add custom notifications for when a specific user tweets
 Dark theme for tablet users
 Widget updates - view timeline or mentions, UI updates
 Top Tweets now available in Trends
 In-app web browser (optional in Settings)
 More: View and interact with tweet from photo viewer; new setting for Refresh Only on Launch; Tweet Signature can now be defined per account; improved log-in experience for Pocket users

 Required Android O/S : 1.6+



Puffin Web Browser v2.3.7112 Apk App

Puffin Web Browser v2.3.7112 Apk App
Puffin Web Browser v2.3.7112
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Puffin Web Browser is the fastest web browser on the Android platform!

 Puffin Web Browser is the premium version in the Puffin web browser family.

 Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast web browser. With the help of cloud servers, Puffin Web Browser brings the desktop web browsing experience to tablets and smartphones. It renders the full versions of web pages quickly and reliably. It also supports Flash with excellent performance on iPads and iPhones.

 Puffin Web Browser (version 1.0 as a paid app) was first launched in December 2010, and Puffin Web Browser Free (version 2.0 as a free app) was first launched in December 2011. Version 1.0 was a good proof-of-concept and version 2.0 is a major algorithm breakthrough. The new Puffin is super-fast in loading, panning, and zooming of web pages.

 By June 2012, 1.5M Puffins were downloaded, with 800K for the paid version. Puffin is widely accepted globally and ranked as #1 paid iPad Utility in more than 10 countries. According to Apple’s App Store Rewind, Puffin was ranked #2 among all Japan’s paid iPad apps in 2011, outselling Angry Bird HD.

 Highlights on the differences of the Puffin Free and the Puffin Web Browser:

 * Puffin Free will be search and ads sponsored
 The choice of the default search engine is subject to change, and content ads may be displayed alongside with the web pages

 * Puffin Free is feature restricted
 Expensive features (on the server side) may be suspended temporarily on the free version to reduce operating cost

 * Puffin Free is on the leading edge
 New and experimental features will be available on the free version sooner than on the paid version

 * Puffin Free is a preview of the Puffin Web Browser
 During the evaluation period (14 days), the free version has the full feature set of the paid version

 * Puffin Free does not support Flash
 Flash videos and games will not play after the eval period. Nevertheless, HTML5 videos and games will be fully supported

 We are constantly adding features and improving stability of the product. We would love to hear from you! The best way to reach us is to post on our Facebook page so we can provide you timely assistance.

 Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/puffinbrowser
 Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/puffinbrowser
 Watch demo videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/puffinbrowser


 Render the full versions of web pages extremely fast through cloud computing

 Multi-tab UI to switch tabs between web pages with a single tap

 + Bookmark
 + Search suggest
 + Popup blocker
 + Top sites

 * Geo is US since our data centers are in US. Users outside US may not be able to view their local geo-restricted contents

 What's in this version:
 * Support download file to device.
 * New drag-n-drop gesture. Tap and hold on screen, start dragging after blue circle appears.
 * Improves Flash play smoothly and battery life.
 * Fix bug of multiple users on android 4.2.
 * Improve scrolling performance on nexus 10.
 * Add setting to disable quick control.

Download Instructions:


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